Part twenty-four of a series of posts about automated testing.

We’ve reached the last day of Advent, and Christmas is nearly upon us.

Traditionally Advent is a time of preparation; in the case of CV-Library as a whole, we are preparing for the January rush of job seekers fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions! In the case of these blog posts, we are preparing to make 2018 our best-tested year yet.

Looking back at the contents of the posts, I’m feeling good that we’ve covered a good cross-section of automated testing; from unit tests to end-to-end tests, with a bit of general code advice and process discussion in there too.

On the negative side, I’m aware that there’s only so much that a high-level blog post can cover; we need to get down to details, and document more examples of interesting test situations. Perhaps that’s something we can do more of next year.

For now, thank you for reading! If you have any feedback or questions, drop us an email - the address is at the foot of the page.